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Home news Press Release: Bashir April Lie: Dozens Remain in Detention

Press Release: Bashir April Lie: Dozens Remain in Detention

Published on April 2, 2013 in news


On April 1st, 2013 the Sudanese president announced that all the political prisoners will be released that day. At the midnight of the same day 7 prisoners were released, 6 of them are belonging to the opposition parties that signed the New Dawn agreement in Kampala in early January, 2013. The released detainees are: the leader of the Islamic Wasat Party Yousif al-Koda, Brigadier Abdel-Aziz Khalid from the National Sudanese Alliance, Hisham al-Mufti from the United Democratic Unionist Party, Intisar al-Aqli from the Socialist Unionist Nasserite Party, Mohamed Zein al-Abdeen and Abdel-Rahim Abdullah from the Democratic Unionist Party and Hatem Ali.

The order of the Sudanese president didn’t include 33 women and 6 children in detention Alobied Prison, all of them from Nuba mountains held since November 11th, 2012 without charges, although the security accused them of cooperating with the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Movement/ North( SPLM/N) which fighting the government in Nuba mountains since 2011. In addition to another 118 detainees from Nuba mountains and Blue Nile, detained after the war erupted in the both region in September 2011, whom are still detained.

There is also other detainees from Darfur and Nauba mountains in detention either in these regions or in Khartoum, among them Asmaa Ahmed Mansor is Nuba woman  was detained in Alabasy Tagaly , On October 27th, 2012, Alsadig Abdualraheim is Nuba man detained in Alabasya Tagaly on October 26, 2012, they both detained now in Khartoum. Also another detainees his name is Hammad Ismaeil he was one a candidate for the parliament from Alabassya in Southern Kordofan, he is detained since February 2012, and his whereabouts remain unknown. There is also dozens of detainees from Nuba mountains since the beginning of the war, their location and destiny remain unknown according to some families.

Arry Organization while welcoming the Sudanese government petite step to release the detainees in its prisons and detention, it also express its extreme concern about the remain detainees, especially the obvious excluding process in this release order against  the detainees from Nuba mountains, Darfur and Blue Nile from the release order. Therefore we call on the Sudanese president to immediately extend his order to include the Sudanese detainees either political activists or civilians or Prisoners of Conscience, and we call on the international and regional Human rights mechanisms to continue putting pressure on the Sudanese government to release all the detainees or present charges against them.

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