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Home news Urgent Action : 60 Nuba Civilians detained in Dillanj

Urgent Action : 60 Nuba Civilians detained in Dillanj

Published on November 27, 2012 in news

The Sudanese security in South Kordofan/Nuba mountains state, started arrest campaign against Nuba peoples men and women in the past few weeks. The latest campaign in Dillanj, the second biggest city, in Nuba mountains after the capital Kadugli. On November 18th , 60 Nuba peoples were arbitrary arrested among them men and women, they were all taken to the 14th division of the Sudanese armed forces in Dillanj, but their families are not allowed to visit them. The 60 men and women are from Oncho tribe, reside near of Dillanj.

The situation in Dillanj is similar to Kadugli and even worse as peoples inside the city are living under siege and prohibited from leaving the city , even when the fighting between the government forces and the SPLM/N reach to the town. No food supplies allowed to the city. the tribal leaders in the villages near Dillanj are living under constant threats, whenever their villages attacked by SPLM/N, as the security take the tribal leaders for investigations and detain them some times. There is report of forced disappearances during the past 4-6 weeks in Nuba mountains and especially in the Oncho area near Dallinj, group arrests and forced disappearances and individual arrest are taking place which is add to the grave violations already committed by the Sudanese government in Nuba mountains.

Arry Organization is extremely concerned about the wellbeing of the detainees, as they are in danger of torture and ill treatment, Arry also concerned about the targeting of the Nuba peoples in Dillanj city and condom the arbitrary arrest and forced disappearances of civilians by the government armed forces and security. Arry Organization calls on the Sudanese government to immediately release all the detainees in Nuba Mountains, or charge them, and we call on the government  to allow them family visits and access to lawyers.

List of names of 16 of the detainees :








1 Abdellatif Ahmed abasha 38 Nuba – oncho Tractor with trailer  
2 Malik Hassan 40 Nuba – oncho -  
3 Ahmed M . Tutu 45 Nuba – oncho    
4 Soliman Jamel 56 Nuba – oncho    
5 Sitanah Eisa 50 Nuba – oncho   Female
6 Shaieb Hamad Dedan 65 Nuba – oncho Tractor with trailer  
7 Juam Bador 43 Nuba – oncho    
8 Nomman Dafalla 33 Nuba – oncho Motor bike  
9 Hamdan Saeed shalo 51 Nuba – oncho Tractor with trailer  
10 Abdalla Soliman 54 Nuba – oncho    
11 Abdelrhman Ahmed adam 70 Nuba – oncho    
12 Said alamin 42 Nuba Temin    
13 Halima Warcheri 44 Nuba – oncho   Female
14 Manal Shawern 22 Nuba – oncho   Female
15 Ali Monch Partola 72 Nuba – oncho    
16 Abdelmajeed Ali Hamad 35 Nuba – oncho    







HE Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir

Office of the President

People’s Palace PO Box 281

Khartoum, Sudan


Fax: +249 183 782 541


Salutation: Your Excellency




Minister of Justice


Mohammed BusharaDousa

Ministry of Justice, PO Box 302

Al Nil Avenue

Khartoum, Sudan


Fax: +249 183 764 168


Email : info@sudanjudiciary.org

Salutation: Your Excellency


And copies to:

Minister of Interior

Ibrahim Mohamed Hamed

Ministry of Interior

PO Box 873

Khartoum, Sudan

Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country

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