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Home news Nuba Mountains Crisis: One Year Passed

Nuba Mountains Crisis: One Year Passed

Published on June 4, 2012 in news

On June 5th 2011, the destructive war taking place for complete year today started in Kadugli the capital city of the State of South Kordofan. Since the first day the civilians misery started, mass arrests and executions on racial bases were the signs of the crucial war followed that day.

Nuba ethnicity which the majority of more 60 percent of the state , were the main targets of the Sudanese Government militias , they all consider affiliated to the SPLM/N the opponent of the ruling party in Sudan and in the State . an election had been held few weeks before the war started where the NCP candidate won the position of state governor against the SPLM/N candidate  , the SPLM/N refused the results and started negotiation with the ruling party , but the war erupted before they reach an agreement.

Nuba mountains region had suffered previously from a civil war for more than 20 years ended in 2002, where estimated 100 thousands people killed, and 500 thousands displaced. The region had special status in 2005 peace agreement , as part of the three areas , the remote region had decades of grievances and suffering , and after less than 6 years of peace the current war took place to lead the situation there a war more violent than the last one .

A humanitarian crisis is taking place in the region since the first months of the war , as the people had been forced by the indiscriminate bombardment to leave their homes and villages and take refuge in caves and bushes, tow cultivations seasons had been passed away while the bombardment is continues and people couldn’t plant their seeds this summer to reach the rain season .

The international aid organizations are prevented from interring the region to deliver aid or any health our education services , women and children are trapped in villages where they are eating leaves and insects to survive , Sudanese army attacks by land and air are nonstop , and its targeting civilians mostly .

There are estimated 100 thousands refugees from Nuba mountains , crossed the boarders to South Sudan , about 40 thousands are living in Yida camp in unity state another 60 thsands are Jammam and Doro camps in Upper nle state. The refugees situation is deteriorating as the camps are overwhelmed by the numbers and the increase in the new arrivals since April , the FEWSNET had alerted the international community since February that crisis conditions will take place in the region by the end of March , but no significant move from the international community took place to save the 800 thousands to 1 million people living under siege inside the Nuba mountains , people now are too week to take the 4 -15 days journey to South Sudan to seek food and safe shelters , there fore the urgent response to their situation is critically needed in very short time .

The Nuba people are not only targeted in the Nuba mountains they are facing various kinds of attacks in the another states of Sudan , tens of Nuba activists men and women had been subjected to arbitrary arrests , torture and inhuman treatment , another had been harassed and forced to leave Sudan , there are detainees in the Sudanese security detentions for complete year , in the past 3 months a new  wave of attack against Nuba activists , intensified after the Sudan conflict on boarder , in result freedom of expression and civil society organizations are facing the worst campaign since early 1990s .

The Sudanese regime is using food as weapon against Nuba people, by refusing any form of access for the international aid agencies, the latest trio proposal by the AU, AL, and UN , to provide aid to the war zones had been denied by the government , in addition the continuation of the aerial attacks , which causing fear , death and stopping people from moving freely and planting .

Arry organization calling on the both sides to stop fighting and allow the aid agencies to enter the region , and find a political solution for their problems to end the suffering of the people of Nuba mountains , which is going on for a year today . Arry also call on the international community to act urgently and live up to their commitment in Responsibility to Protect declaration, to protect civilians in the Nuba mountains to prevent the catastrophic crisis from becoming worse than Darfur. We also call on the international community and the Security Council to impose more sanctions on Sudan government to allow access to the affected civilians in the Nuba mountains.

The international community also has to fulfill its obligation to the Rome Statutes and support the urgent implementation of the arrest warrant against the Sudanese top officials wanted by the ICC , the fail in arresting Al Bashir the Sudanese president , Haroon South Kordofan governor  , and Abd Alraheem the defense  minister  , has caused the current crisis in the Nuba mountains ,as the world allowed the internationally convicted  criminals to repeat their  war crimes , crimes against humanity and genocide against the people of Nuba mountains with the same mechanisms used in Darfur , there fore the international community should act seriously to arrest the wanted officials .

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