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Home news Aryy Report :The PDF Militias in Nuba mountains obey the Governor order by torturing and killing 7 Nuba men

Aryy Report :The PDF Militias in Nuba mountains obey the Governor order by torturing and killing 7 Nuba men

Published on April 8, 2012 in news

On march 15th 2012 in Kega in Reif Asharqui of Kadugli in the Nuba mountains/South Kordofan State, 6 Nuba men killed , 2 of them died on spot by gun shots and the other 4 died later in result of severe torture by 10 men from the  People Defense Forces (PDF) militias, which mainly consisted from the nomadic tribes lives in this area .

7 Nuba men  were going from their village Kega Alkhail to the near market in Damik , when 10 armed PDF members   stopped the Nuba men and told them to ride the car with them, when the victims  refused to ride, the PDF members  instantly shot dead two of them : Musa Suliman Tutu & Khalifa Ali Mohamed , in that moment the other 5 rode with the armed PDF members in fear for their lives, The militia took them to a place near Damik and started torturing them ,they tortured the 5 men until 4 of them died , they are :

1-      Idries Hasan Teya

2-      Khameis Tutu Adlan

3-      Mohamad Abd alraheim

4-      Khameis Alhaj Teya

The fifth man named: Osman Idris Elyas , survived but he is severely injured . Osman managed to reach his village and told the victims’ families what happened.

The victims’ families told Arry that they reported the incident to the police in the region but they wouldn’t do anything until after two days they found the bodies of the first two victims and buried them , but the National Intelegance and Security Service (NISS) in the area and the PDF refused to give the families the bodies of the other 4 victims, in addition the PDF and NISS members attacked Kega Alkhail village ,destroyed their water wells and told them they will burn the whole village if they tried to search for the bodies or make another police case.

The war in the Nuba mountains\South kordofan state erupted in June 2011, serious human rights violation ,war crimes had been committed by the Sudanese government in the region . The situation in the region had been described as humanitarian catastrophe and ethnic cleansing by many international media and human rights organizations such as the UN and Amnesty. The daily bombing of civilians and blocking aid and humanitarian access is some of the big scale crimes the Sudanese Government continue to commit against its own people.

Witnesses  from Kega told Arry that their village had been subjected to many Antonov bombing by Sudanese armed forces aircraft , they feel fear for their lives after this targeting as they said that we are been targeted to remain silent . The witness also said that “the near villages of the nomadic tribes never been hit by the Antonov, it’s the area where our brothers tortured and killed”.

The situation in the Nuba mountains taking a dangerous turn toward violent ethnic cleansing. The governor of South Kordofan Ahmed Haroon captured on tape ordering his troops to clean and sweep and never bring any one alive from the war zones, as broadcasted by Aljazeera network last week . This is critical evidents against Haroon and proof of the crimes that committed by his troops and militias in the Nuba mountains.

Arry organization call upon the international community to act very urgently to stop the serious human rights violations and ethnic cleansing committed against Nuba people by the Government of Sudan. Also we call the South Kordofan state and the Sudan government and the UN human rights bodies to open urgent investigations and present the criminals who killed the 6 Nuba men in Damik to the justice with no delay, and we call all the international and local organizations and activist to campaign for  end of war crimes and of the ethnic cleansing in Nuba mountains.












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